Dark Horses



We're a new breed of sports marketing agency that believes in the need to entertain and surprise. The minute you see yourself as the favourite - you've lost the race.






We're backed by one of the UK's top creative agencies - Lucky Generals - whose clients include Paddy Power, Betfair, Twitter, Amazon, Unilever, Yorkshire Tea and Premier Inn.






We're led by Simon Dent - a specialist  with over 10 years experience as a sports lawyer, agent and marketer - but we also draw on all the strategic and creative talent of Lucky Generals.






We offer a one-stop shop for sports marketing and want to shake up an industry which has become complacent about the need to engage fans.  We are hungry and determined to win.  Watch this space.





180 Exmouth House,
3-11 Pine Street,
London, EC1R 0JH

020 3371 6360