EURO 2020

As part of our work for TikTok’s sponsorship of EURO 2020, we created a set of sponsorship idents to run in 41 markets for the duration of the tournament.


Directed by Ryan Staake through Riff Raff Films, the idents show how the worlds of TikTok and football seamlessly collide together. Set to the iconic anthem “Blue Monday'' by New Order, the films begin on a football pitch that represents the prestige of the tournament with a goalkeeper preparing himself to save a penalty but is surprised when suddenly the goalposts move closer together and transition into a portrait shape, reflective of the Tiktok app. As the penalty is taken and the ball rockets forward, we transition through the 9:16 shaped net to the TikTok world, where we showcase the emotions of football fans from all over Europe - from celebrating and commiserating, to showing off some football skills in a supermarket!


Five separate 10” master idents were created, with 6” and 5” cutdowns, amounting to a total of 109 different versions produced for the 52 European broadcasters.


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