While the footballing world gossiped about who’s signing who in the Premier League, we wanted to ensure that the start of the new Vanarama National League season wasn’t lost in all the noise.


So we did what anyone would have done, we erected a giant Hollywood-style-sign spelling out Wrexham, on Wrexham’s famous slag heap, in a nod to the club’s new owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.


Our Hollywood-esque stunt was designed to capture the attention of the local community, spread by word of mouth via social media, and land at the feet of the national press - and it did just that.


A whodunnit narrative quickly formed on social media and in the press, with suspects ranging from Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to the local council. Eventually, the Deadpool star announced on Twitter it wasn’t him, but he wished he had thought of it.


Finally, once the public’s interest had piqued, we revealed Vanarama as the culprit, announcing the ‘premiere’ of the season. Having featured across the UK’s biggest national news publications, and broadcast on Lorraine, BBC Breakfast, ITV News and This Morning, the story was rounded off and the press felt obliged to give the curious fans closure with yet another round of stories.



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