Dark Horses





Our culture is what defines us


Crazy Horses

Our people aren’t just advertising people, they’re business people. And they know a good idea when they see one.

That’s why we’ve created Crazy Horses, a vehicle to allow us to place a few bets on interesting sports related companies. If it’s interesting, we’re interested.

Hobby Horses

For our clients’ businesses to thrive, our people need to thrive. Hobby Horses is our way of supporting our people's passions both in and outside the office.

To date we’ve run marathons together, attended lectures together and worked on our own brands together.

The Horse's Mouth

We think that motivation at work comes from a feeling that you are constantly learning. As such, we’ve created a series of guest speakers to come in and broaden our horizons.

To date we've had the Naked Professor join us to discuss mindfulness and the importance of values. We've also had a session with ex-England rugby 7s captain Ollie Phillips to talk about the importance of leadership and